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Paniolo Pride Waking at 3am on a cold misty morning before the rooster crows, the aroma of coffee brewing while I step into my jeans, put on a jacket, boots and hat is the start of a day in the life of a Paniolo. My horses are the tools used for the long day ahead, saddle up and I’m out on range riding, roping and caring for the livestock. Weathered by the rain and sun, happy as an owl on a fence post watching every move I make. At days end, we reminisce about days old and new, reminding each other what it means to be a Hawaiian cowboy. It’s a simple life, full of hard work with love of the outdoors and animals. Paniolo pride is something that comes from the heart. Donald “Donnie” G. De Silva Retired Parker Ranch Cowboy Cowboy Gang Kamuela, Hawaii
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